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Do you want to liquidate your receivables as quickly as possible? By selling receivables to our partners in financing, you can receive liquid funds directly and ease your balance sheet. Depending upon the product you choose, factoring can also include 100% insurance cover against default on receivables and all handling of the receivables (accounts receivable accounting, debt collection and the issuing of warnings).

The proportion of the total German gross domestic product financed via factoring at present amounts to approx. 7%, thus demonstrating the importance of this new form of finance. As a result of growth in this area, the number of providers and the leeway to draw up individual contracts are increasing significantly.

Our services:
In selecting a suitable factor, account must be taken of what kind of factoring they offer, what market they can serve, with whom they are re-insured and whether they are able to provide long time access to the line of credit.

We start by discussing with you whether your whole turnover or just a specific portion of it is to be included in the factoring, what amounts are to be covered etc. CFG provides support from structuring through discussions with the factor right through to the first payout. Naturally we are there to help with questions and any changes you wish to make throughout the entire contractual relationship.

Added value:

  • Immediate liquidity
  • Optimisation of your balance sheet
  • Easing existing credit lines with your banks
  • Financing growth
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