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CFG Finance



We broker credit insurance, single risk cover, guarantees and fidelity/cyber insurance. From analysis through design to day-to-day business, we offer a full range of services. Find out more here:

What we do for you:

  • We provide you with an overview of the market and analyse your actual needs.
  • We analyse the latest trends in the market and present these to you as appropriate.
  • We select suitable providers for you.
  • We negotiate all contracts on your behalf on the best possible terms for you.
  • We regularly check and optimise your contracts.
  • We are there to help in your day-to-day business whenever you want.

CFG Finance


How well do you know your customers? Even long-standing customers can suddenly fail to pay a bill. Credit insurance protects your company against default on receivables.

Our services
We analyse and check your current needs or your existing insurance and identify possible gaps in cover. We then draw up an optimal and needs-based insurance concept with individualised terms. Even after they have been entered into, we regularly check your contracts and adjust them if necessary. When it comes to day-to-day business, we are your go-to partner for questions, claims, credit limits and communication with the insurance company.

Added value for you

  • Professional analysis - also for existing policies
  • Outstanding insurance individually tailored to match your needs
  • Specially negotiated terms thanks to our high level of acceptance from all relevant providers
  • The risk of unexpected default on receivables and the associated material damage are removed by being transferred to the credit insurance provider
  • Your clients are continuously monitored by the credit insurer, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

CFG Finance


In the past sureties were primarily issued by your local bank or a few specialist insurance companies; nowadays a range of special insurance companies is available.

Our services
As a specialist broker which maintains contact with a range of established and new providers, when it comes to guarantees, we find the best solution for your needs. We undertake the analysis, compare providers and negotiate the best possible terms for you.

Added value for you

  • Selection of the best provider for you from a range of market players specialising in different areas
  • Improved liquidity through redemption of warranty bonds by banks
  • Greater financial leeway as a result of freeing up credit lines
  • Fast and simple processing, some of it digital

CFG Finance


Deception and a betrayal of trust: most entrepreneurs consider this risk to their company’s assets to be low. But would you believe that every year German companies incur damages of more than 50 billion Euro as a result of actions undertaken by their own employees? Protect your company with fidelity insurance!

Our services
We analyse your internal organisation as well as your monitoring and revision mechanisms. On the basis of this information, we are able to assess the individual risk to you and then negotiate insurance sums and terms with the pertinent providers.

Added value for you

  • Bespoke, individualised insurance cover
  • Protection against damage to company assets by third parties, your own employees and outside staff
  • Unlimited retroactive coverage
  • Co-insurance of undetected damage

CFG Finance


In 2017 alone, 48% of German companies were subject to a cyber incident. Nowadays German companies are continuously subjected to cyber attacks. It is no longer a question of if but rather when a company is not going to be able to successfully fend off such an attack and thus fall victim to a cyber attack. The liability claims, operational downtime and damages incurred by the company can endanger both the company's existence and its reputation.

Our services
Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you in selecting a range of modules which will tailor your cyber insurance exactly to your needs. This individualised insurance cover protects your company against failures which can threaten your very existence such as system failures, attacks by hackers and the many other forms of cyber attack.

Added value for you

  • Insurance including prevention and immediate assistance by experts in crisis management (assistance services)
  • Assumption of damages resulting from operational downtime and liability claims arising from cyber attacks

CFG Finance


Have you perhaps delivered a machine to a foreign customer only to wait months without receiving payment? Why not secure your (long-term) capital goods business against default from the start of production right through to payment of the last instalment? Project insurance is an indispensable component for capital goods projects.

Our services
We select suitable insurance companies for you and negotiate the terms of the insurance on your behalf. In this way you can protect yourself against default on receivables and manufacturing risks. We can insure both framework agreements for all kinds of capital goods sales and provide cover for individual projects. If you so wish, we can also advise you on financing based on this insurance.

Added value for you

  • Individual insurance cover with non-cancellable limits
  • Protection against default on receivables and manufacturing risks
  • Qualified information on your customers, no matter where in the world they are based
  • Suitable for structured financing from banks
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