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Insure your company against
default on receivables by
individual customers now.

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CFG Finance

Crebita credit insuranceThe new protection for companies against bad debts

Nowadays bad debts are the cause of every third company insolvency in Germany. Protect the existence of your company with the new crebita products by insuring your domestic and foreign receivables in a matter of a few minutes.

Plan your risk. Secure your liquidity. Increase your success.


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With CANEI digitalCorporate consultancy online

When something goes wrong with a business, the classic response is to call in a skilled corporate consultant. He will identify problems and seek out weaknesses, creating planning and reporting structures where there were none and implementing key performance indicator systems to make it easy to identify and manage price adjustments.

CANEI digital is an online service developed for medium-sized enterprises which provides all the services of corporate consultancy (preparation of key performance indicators, financial analysis, identification of weaknesses and unexploited potential, recommended actions, corporate planning and evaluation and reporting etc.) in an entirely digital format and at an attractive price. CANEI digital enables anyone, even those who do not have a thorough understanding of economics, to analyse a company using tried and tested performance indicators and to orient it accordingly, to compare themselves with the competition by means of benchmarks, to strive continuously towards improvements to increase yield and liquidity and to thus increase the value of a company for the long term.

Furthermore, the integrated report manager makes it much easier to communicate with your banks.

As a CFG customer, we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to try out the CANEI digital professional package at a special price of EUR 100.00 for the first month instead of the normal price of EUR 249.00. To do this, simply enter the code ‘CFG2017’ when you register.

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